What the salesmen don't want you to know


How to save money on major home improvements or any high value purchases

Any home improvement will be very expensive if you fail to do your homework prior to getting your quotations.

It is always wise to get at least three quotations to compare prices before you make a final decision, at this stage I will blow this theory completely out of the water.

Let’s look at that piece of advice and break it down,

If you are going to buy a new car and use the same theory of 3 quotations would you visit a Ford dealer then a bmw dealer and finally a Porsche dealer of course not.

Those three dealerships cannot be compared as they are in different price markets and the comparison would be unfair, you would never even consider putting them together.

Now if we take that as a comparison how would you choose three companies to build for example your conservatory.

If Ford built conservatories they would obviously always be the least expensive, and if you choose the middle quote bmw would always build the most conservatories.

Confused you will be,

In the market place for all home improvements each company will use different products so you first decision is to establish what products do each company uses.

At this stage you are not looking at three quotations you must establish what system you like best.

First start by visiting every showroom in your area this will be very time consuming but essential because this is where you start to save money.

Once in the showroom you will be approached, just be very firm and tell the salesman that you are just looking at this stage, if you like the appearance of the products ask “What system do you use”

If you don’t like the design of the product just walk out, once you have done this on a number of occasions you will start to build up a list of companies with products the same or very similar.

Initially you may have started with ten companies or more and after choosing the product you prefer invite all of these around to give you a quotation.

Before you start the process put together a design and size of a conservatory, make it very simple and stick to this design no matter what pressure you may be under,

After the salesman has done his presentation be strong and instruct him to send the price back by post enclosing a detailed drawing and tell him he will only get one chance to quote and no more.

After you have gone through this process with every company you should in a week or two have all your quotations back.

Now sit down and go through each quotation, you know you have the best price of each company and your choice is to call one back it may not be the cheapest as you will need to be comfortable in trusting this company.

Finally when the salesman returns, with his help design the conservatory you would like.

You can now spend as much time as you like in designing your conservatory with the knowledge that you have the product you like and a price that reflects the quality and service.

This system works for any purchase you are considering and at all times in the buying process you have kept control


David McIntosh