Getting through customer service to fix your problems.

At one point or another in our life, a product has failed on us. Whether it be our beloved jogging iPod, our lawnmower when we receive a letter from the Homeowners Association, or our refrigerator during a hot summer day, we all sigh in despair because we have to go through one of the most dreaded ordeals: dealing with customer "service". We take time out of our busy lives to call, wait, wait, and wait some more to get our problems fixed, only to be met by rejection.

Here are some tips and methods to increase your chances of success when dealing with customer service. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when calling a representative is that they call, they wait, and they explain their problem in length to a representative and expect a resolution right there. To best get the help you need, persistence is  key. Most companies weed out customers looking to solve problems just via lengthy, difficult customer service calls. A customer will call once, not be able to resovle their issue, get mad, and give up. If you really want a problem solved, don't let it go. If you fail once, hang up and try again. The more representatives you talk to, the higher the chances are of you reaching a compassionate one who will help you resolve your problem.

Next, remember that you are the customer, and you have the power and the right to have your problems solved. Now, keep in mind you have to call customer service within reason. If you're calling a TV company about your broken TV screen that you accidentally threw your Wiimote into, you cannot expect a favorable outcome. If, however, you have a valid reason for contacting customer service, know in your mind that you have the truth and the power on your side to correct that issue. The point is, don't be afraid to go up the chain of management to get your problem solved. Many times, the first level of customer service representatives you reach are taught to say "no". You have to dig deeper for the answer. The higher up in the chain you go, the more they are obligated to resolve your issue.

Remember that bit I said about you having the power? Well, it's true. You wield many powerful tools that ,when necessary, can be used to set a company straight and get your issue resolved. First of all, if you're going into an issue with a company that has competitors (for example, a cable or phone company), be prepared to bite the bullet and switch companies. Many times, the threat of giving a competitor your business is enough for a company to do the right thing. However, if the ruse fails, you have to be prepared to actually switch. If everything fails, then you have one last tool that is perhaps the most powerful of them all: the media. Companies hate bad press, and will do pretty much everything in its power to avoid it. If it is an important issue to you, you can contact a local news investigation group about the company. With the truth on your side, the company will more likely than not cave and help resolve your issue to avoid bad press. 

Well, that's it! Hope you found the article helpful, and I hope you will employ some of these methods and tips next time you call customer service. Good luck in your endeavours!