There are many different ways to get traffic to your blog or website. One method to explore, is to create a free guide or ebook and offer it for download on your website. If you already have a blog or website, you might be wondering why you should bother compiling a bunch of articles and making a book when you could just publish the content directly on your website.

This suggestion for getting more traffic is probably more suited to established websites. If your site is still new, it is probably a good idea to concentrate on building the website and creating some interesting and useful content on the actual site, before you consider producing an ebook.

When people visit your website you want to provide them with a useful experience as well giving them the ability to be able to easily return to your website. Some websites offer email newsletters and RSS feeds to interact with customers. One problem is that not everyone on the internet understands or uses RSS feeds and readers.

People are also sometimes reluctant to give away their email address. If you offer a free ebook, many people will be happy to sign up to your newsletter in exchange for the ebook. Building an email list is a great way sell products and services to the readers of your website.

There is no doubt that people love getting something of value for free. If you allow people to send your ebook to their friends and colleagues you can build a new audience with your website. Make sure your ebook mentions your website throughout your ebook. Your ebook should provide great content, but at the same time you need to also draw them to your website to provide more information and great content.

Even if you give away your ebook for free, you can still make money from it. This can be done by embedding affiliate links into your ebook, so you can make money if someone buys the service or product you recommend in your book. It is important to only recommend products that you have tried yourself and recommend, otherwise your book won't have much credibility.

There are many websites that you can upload your free ebook to, such as By uploading your book to these sites, you will miss out on collecting a few email addresses, but you can reach new audiences and get further exposure for your website.

Even though you are giving your ebook away for free, it is important to spend some time on the product. It is important to get someone to check it for spelling and grammar mistakes. It should look professional, so people won't have any problem recommending it to their friends and colleagues. The book doesn't have to be as long as a regular book. It is important to keep your text snappy and to the point. Don't just fill your book with fluff. Around 20-30 pages should be sufficient.