Getting up early is just a habbit, like brushing your teeth

It is well known that getting up early is good for your health, mind and productivity. Everybody needs more time for their businesses and, besides, there are many far more interesting things to do than to sleep. Nevertheless, many people struggle with waking up early and let’s be honest, many of us find it extremely pleasant to stay in bed in the morning as long as possible. If you decide to get used to getting up early with no problems, here are some tips you can use:

  1. Set your alarm clock for the same time every day. Our bodies tend to get used to certain habits. That is why if you get up at the same time every day, with time it becomes much easier as your body gets accustomed to it. It is important not to give yourself an easy time and keep waking up early every day (even on weekends, if you take this very seriously). With time you will be able to wake up early even without your alarm clock.
  2. Try not to use the “delay alarm” button. If you set the alarm clock, get up the moment it rings. The more frequently you push the delay button, the more difficult it will be to get up. The good way to get up from the first time is to put your alarm clock at the other end of your room so that you have to stand up to turn it off.
  3. You have to WANT to get up early. The main key to success here is your desire. If you really have the motivation to wake up early, your brain will not make up excuses to sleep longer. Just think of all the things you’ll have time to do and go for it!
  4. Before sleeping set for yourself a certain time to wake up. Before you fall asleep, repeat the time you want to wake up in your mind. It can affect your subconsciousness and help to wake up with no problems.
  5. Go to bed when you feel tired. The attempt to wake up earlier does not imply that you have to go bed earlier as well. Often we sleep much more than we need to. It is better to go to sleep only when you feel like it. If you go to bed when you do not want to sleep, you will just waste some time trying to fall asleep. It will not help you getting up earlier.
  6. Do some morning exercises. When you wake up, it is good to do a couple of exercises. It will give you some energy and keep you from wanting to return to bed. It is also good to take a cold shower, but it is definitely not for everyone.
  7. Deceive yourself. Many people think that it is easier to wake up earlier in summer. If you also tend to wake up early in a particular time of the year, you can create all the conditions that will help you feel like summer, for example. For instance, if it is cold in your room, you can put a heater near your bed. When you wake up, turn on the lights. If it is warm, bright and cozy in your room, it is more pleasant to get out of the bed.

At first, you can really struggle with getting up early. But if you realize, how many benefits it can bring and you are eager to sacrifice a couple hours of morning sleep to become more productive, you will manage to succeed and soon enough getting up early will become a simple thing for you.