oDesk is a USA-based company targeted at businesses that intend to hire & manage remote workers. oDesk is a short version of "no desk" in reference to the company's intent to enable somebody to work anywhere, anytime. Potential employers can post jobs at no cost, & you may generate profiles & bid on jobs, also at no cost.

Virtual Assistant is one of the most common jobs from oDesk. Most of these jobs are simple. You might be asked to write contents, or copy phrases to different social media web sites, or generate back links from multiple forums etc.

You might be a student looking for part-time job. You might be holding a limited working visa outside your home town. oDesk is ideal for you in this case because it offers job opportunities without working visa, without tax file number & without  IT certificates.

In order to receive a job from oDesk, you need a computer with fast Web access, Skype for interview with remote employer & some experience of web project-based jobs.

1.  Feedback score is the first important factor. When you finish the job, feedback will be left on your account. This shows your performance to the next potential employer. It is similar to eBay feedback system. The excellent feed will be rating from 4.5-5. Nobody will find people of rating 3 or below so communicate with employer every day to settle any dispute at the same day so you can receive higher feedback.  

2.  Set your every hour rate & expectation right. In the event you are new to this market, I recommend you set the every hour rate below $5/hour. Most of the time, potential employers will negotiate with you for the total cost of a project. So the every hour rate is relevant but if you set your hour rate too high, you might be filtered out by the first round.

3.  Learn from top performing workers on oDesk.

a.  To start with, Click on “Browse contractors by category", select a section suit your skill sets

b.  Put a filter of maximum $5/hour from every hour rate


c.  Tick the filter of 4.5-5 stars under feedback score

d.  Look for those workers who have over 1000 oDesk hours under their profile.

e. Get some understanding of what kind of skill sets is most demanding.  Prepare your own profile to get the nice start.

4.  Check E mail at least 4 times a day. The employer will normally communicate with one or four candidates by email. Whoever replies e-mail first would most likely to get the job. Fast response time is the poof that you have the computer & online resources ready for the project.

 5.  Make sure you have a nice quality webcam for Skype & fast speed Internet. After the e-mail communication, a Skype interview will be arranged. Don’t let down by poor quality communication tools.  

Finally, I hope this oDesk Review from job seeker point of view is helpful. Best luck for job hunting.