To make the most efficient use of your article marketing, you need to try to get articles accepted on as many sites as possible, or as quickly as possible.

As well as the problems in articles discussed in another article, why you should write articles for people, not search engines, here are some more reasons why an article can get rejected.

Your Pen Name

Anyone familiar with article marketing, on article directories and other sites that allow you to submit articles, will have no doubt come across pen names. As well as a username, typically used to login to the site, you will also usually be allowed to add a pen name, or multiple pen names, which will then be used as the name of the author of the article in question.  There are definitely some types of pen names that will cause you problems.

If you submit an article through a submission service, such as Distribute Your Articles, the submission service may create a new account at the article directory for you, or they may use your supplied pen name with their own account. Should you already have an account at that directory that uses that pen name, you may occasionally wind up with a blank pen name, as the directory rejects the duplicate.

Not only will this mean that their is no valid link to an "Author" or similar page, which reduces the ability of search engines to spider your articles, some directories may reject outright an article that has no pen name.

Another common problem is using all or part of a website URL as the pen name auch as, for example, "" or "" as the name. Article directories typically allow quite a few links, from the resource box and the "About the Author" page, so adding further  links or parts of links elsewhere is not appreciated.

Anything other than using the standard First Name, Last Name format increases the likelihood that an article will be rejected, or your account deleted, even though specific rules do vary depending on the directory. A plain and simple "John Smith" pen name is unlikely to cause problems, but "" or "The Internemt Marketing Expert" may well cause rejection. Using a standard name format is the best idea, even if it isn't your actual name and is a genuine pen name, unless you have checked in a particular case that other formats aren't prohibited.

Article of Insufficient Length

The majority of sites require a minimum length, in number of words, for a submitted article. Although 500 words is a typical minimum to aim for, there are sites, such as InfoBarrel, that will allow shorter articles - about 325 in this case. For articles that are being mass distributed, as opposed to being written specifically for a particular site where the minimum length is known, it is best to ensure that the articles is at least 500 words long, to reduce the likelihood of rejection for being too short. An article should not be one or two sentences, or even a paragraph, in length, unless the site allows it. Longer articles tend to perform better anwyay.