Mazda MX5 Hardtop Pic

If you have small sports car that has a clip on hardtop roof then you will have no doubt at some point struggled with where and how to store your hard top. I believe that the best solution for storing any hard top roof for any sports car is to use a purpose designed storage bag.

Not many manufacturers actually produce the bags for these clip on additional roofs so you will have to look elsewhere to get one of these bags. The manufacturers do produce a stand to rest the hardtop roofs on which allows you to stand your hardtop on end to take up a minimum amount of floor space. However, this stand doesn't provide any protection from scratches and dents though - it merely stores your roof in an orientation that is the most space efficient. A storage bag however will protect your hardtop from scratches and can be hung on the wall which means that it takes up absolutely no floor space whatsoever and this is a massive plus point for using a wall mountable storage bag.

The one problem that does arise from using a bag is trying to get the MX5 hardtop in to the bag if you're on your own. It's a simple task if there are too of you but because the hardtop roof is an awkward shape - but not really heavy - they become quite difficult to handle was just one person. The best way that I have found is to place the hardtop on the floor in the same orientation as if it were on top of the car. You should then find that there are gaps where the front windows would be. You then lean your hardtop forwards so that the rear windscreen of your hardtop should be up in the air. With the rear windscreen of your hardtop in the air it is in the perfect orientation for you to put on the storage bag. Slide on the storage bag so that the back of the hardtop roof is fitted tightly against the back of storage bag, walk round to the front of the roof and lift it up so it is standing on end. All you then need to do is pull up the storage bag, fix the roof clips into the straps, zip it up and hey presto you're done.

With hardtop in the bag - depending on the model of bag you've got - it is certainly much easier to move the hardtop roof around on your own and if you're strong enough you can even lift it up onto the wall onto some mounting points.