Secondhand - Refurb Store Or Do We Try Ebay

Don't get ripped off on Ebay

MacBookSo what options do we have to be able to buy a cheap Macbook. One great palce to start looking is in the Apple refurb store. They are always having bargains there with reductions of about 15 to 20 percent for latest models of MacBooks and MacBook Pro models. There are other bargains in there too from the Apple range of products.

Ebay is an option worth looking at. Although it is not always the safest way to buy an expensive item like a cheap Macbook, but is does have possibilities. Take care to pick up in person if you can and make sure that the seller has the right to sell the computer. You should look to see some documentation if you can.There are reputable dealers that can prove to be reliable with the evidence in the feed back scores from previous buyers.

A Way To Get a Cheap Macbook

Second hand is a way to get a cheap Macbook, perhaps from Craigslist or other local buy and sell sites. Have to take care still with buying this way. Do you know how to get the hardware details from the computer so you can see how much memory is in there. Is the hard drive as big as they say it is. Get a full list of details of what is included in the sale, hardware and software. Does it come with disks for the major included software?

All the technical details of all the models of Mac that have been made is recorded on a web site. Find that web site and you will be able to know everthing to know about that cheap MacBook you are thinking of buying. This is so that you will know important facts, like can you add more memory to it. Nice to know if you can add more memory or what size the hard drive is supposed to be. If you have the model number you can go to Crucial memory and they have a memory finder that will give you that information.

Dead Pixels or Wonky Hinges?

An important thing to know is how old is the cheap MacBook. Hard drives of any computer will fail at some point and if the computer is of a certain age the you should factor in the cost of putting in a new drive. Check that the hinges and the USB sockets are in good working order and that ther are no dead pixels on the screen

A cheap MacBook computer will be a good investment given that Macs last longer and better than PC laptops. Look in the Apple refurb store for some excellent bargains and also check the new prices too. Another good solution is to see what computers your Mac friends have . See if they intend to do some upgrading soon. Macs get passed through family members but you could ask if they want to sell to you. A friends computer will be the best option as you will know the history, has it been cared for during its life time. Or you could treat yourself to an iPad

Happy Mac computing.