Loving your kids with music

If you are like me, a dad to a very cute 14 year old, you want your kids to be interested in music. My girl gets music instruction at school, but it’s not something that she will continue after her graduation. (She plays trumpet in the school band) I am a musician so, you can understand my motivation. I was watching my wife one day as she vainly tried to force my daughter to learn piano through one of those beginner books. I thought  there has to be a way to connect the passion that my child holds for pop music, the internet and social networking with a learning, creative moment. By creative, I mean that it should take root and blossom of its own accord.

I began to experiment. I sat with her one day and included her in the writing of a composition about our cat. This was a great hit. Then I asked her if she could learn any song in the world, what would it be? The next thing we did was find the chords online (very easy) and the right guitar fingerings online (again quite easy). To top it all off, we filmed a video of us doing our bad version and posted it on you tube. This set off a firestorm of social media. Fourteen year old girls are very vain, if you haven’t noticed. Now, even if you are not a musician, you could do the same thing while learning yourself. Cheap acoustic guitars are everywhere and you can even find a tuner online, all free.

It was fun for me to be doing something with her,  we began to discover new songs that she loved ,and had a great time. Now I know that music teachers will probable tell you that this is a bad way to start,  but riddle me this. Would you rather force your child to learn fundamentals or come home to find her excited about music, learning songs herself, trying out for the school talent quest and learning fundamentals through necessity? I like the latter. Next I bought her a red guitar and that was the end of it. She has the bug. Now I don’t see her becoming a concert pianist this way, but its amazing what you can do with a little excitement. I hope this article inspires you and your family to have fun with music. Good luck!