The kiwi fruit is native to Asia but was first grown in southern China. Botanically, it is known as Actinidia. The kiwi plant produces vines which bear brown oblong fruit with brown fuzzy skin. The flesh of the fruit is bright green with a tart flavor and many black seeds and is a good source of vitamins A, C and E. This guide will provide information on how to grow kiwi plants

Things You Will Need

5 gallon container
male and female kiwi vine
6 foot trellis

Step 1

In order for the plant to bear fruit one male plant is required for every five female plants in order for pollination to occur. To prevent the kiwi plant from rotting, plant it in a five gallon container for the first year. Ensure that the plant is protected from frost during winter.

Step 2

The best time to plant a kiwi vine is during spring in an area that is protected from wind. Use a strong six foot trellis for the kiwi vines to grow and plant the vines at fifteen foot intervals.

Step 3

When planting the vine remember to use a slow release fertilizer mixed with the planting soil. Fertilize the plant at the end of the growing season once again. Thereafter, you will need to fertilizerfertilizer it just twice a year. Once in early spring and then in summer after the vine has begun to flower. About a pound of fertilizer should be sufficient.

Step 4

With the aid of the trellis, train the vine to grow over the support. A good way to accomplish this is to trim all lateral branches to prevent them from winding around the trellis. Also, to maintain even growth, manipulate new shoots to grow in different directions.

Step 5

Remember, to prune the vines in January or February before any new growth. Finish the winter pruning, by pruning any vines that produced fruit last season. New fruit flowers will grow on new shoots each season. Prune the plant in late May or early June again before the plant begins to flower. Be sure to remove the vines that are not flowering. It is essential to remove new growth from obscuring the fruit as this will make it difficult to harvest the fruit.

Once the plant is established, begin to enjoy the fruit. The fruit can be kept in the refrigerator for several weeks. If kept outside the fruit should soften and ripen within a few days.

Tips & Warnings

There are a variety of kiwi plants. Contact your local nursery to find out which one is best suited for your area.
Use a well draining soil to prevent rotting.
The kiwi plant needs at least 220 days without frost to produce fruit.
Always plant a male plant nearby a female plant to ensure cross pollination.