Don't resign yourself to a lifetime of short or sparse eyelashes because you don't have to. Several home remedies have been around for years to help you grow longer lashes without using any harsh chemicals or enduring time consuming eyelash extension applications. These tricks to grow longer lashes have been used by women in the entertainment industry for years so they can definitely work for you. If one method doesn't seem to grow longer lashes within a month or so, move on to the next one. With consistency and trial and error you will eventually grow longer lashes.

Things You Will Need

Eye makeup remover

Eye cream


Lash accelerator

Healthy fats

Step 1

Wash your face every night to remove all of your makeup before you go to sleep. Make sure that all of your eyeliner and mascara are removed to prevent these substances from building up on your lashes. Makeup buildup can make it impossible to grow longer lashes so use a gentle eye makeup remover to completely remove all of your makup each night.

Step 2

Moisturize your eyelashes to keep them in the best possible condition and help grown longer lashes. You can use an eye cream and gently massage it into the base of your lashes but be careful not to get any in your eyes. If you do not have eye cream, use vaseline and gently wipe the excess vaseline away after moisturizing to help grow longer lashes.

Step 3

Try one of the lash accelerators available on the market. Lilash and Latisse have been used with great results by many women who were hoping to grow longer lashes. Apply these products to clean lashes according to the product directions. You may need to wait up to one month before you even begin to see results so be patient.

Step 4

Increase your intake of healthy fats. Healthy fats come from sources like avocados, almonds, walnuts and olive oil. These fats are great for your hair and that includes your eyelashes. If you want to grow longer lashes, you need to give them the nutrients that they need in order to grow so don't feel bad about adding a little fat to you diet in order to grow longer lashes.


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