It is a good sight to watch those giant pumpkins during halloween. Growing pumpkins from seeds is the best way to get kids interested in gardening. Planting pumpkin seeds is not a difficult thing, but you should follow certain steps while planting them.

Things You Will Need

Pumpkin seeds, fertilizers

Step 1

It usually takes 115 to 140 days to grow those giant pumpkins. So the best time to plant those pumpkin seeds is in the the month of July. These pumpkins are the ones that comes for halloween and thanksgiving.

Step 2

Before planting pumpkins, you should decide which kind of pumpkin you want to grow.The one that comes around halloween is the Connecticut field pumpkin. It grows really big and is bright orange in color. But it is not that good for eating.

Step 3

Once you selected the right pumpkin seeds, you should get a sunny spot in your garden to plant them. Pumpkin plants love sunlight too much. The spot you select to plant the pumpkin seeds should get sunlight for at least six hours a day. If you live in a colder climate you can plant the seeds indoor first.

Step 4

Pumpkins need a lot of nutrients to grow. Use a rich seed compost and the soil should be moist. The pumpkin seeds should be planted at lest one inch deep and there should be enough space for the vines to spread out.

Step 5

Once they are sprouted, Give lot of water and some fertilizers. After few weeks you can keep only those strong and healthy plants by removing the weak ones. This will help the stronger plants to get more nutrients from the soil. You can prune those vines which spread out too much in the garden. A single plant can spread up to 30 feet.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure that you plant those pumpkin seeds early so that it will be rady for harvest by October.