Selling on quality not price


Selling on Price not Quality


Price has always been for some salesmen the hardest problem to overcome, the quotation below by John Ruskin is proof that price objection has been around since the first salesman and will still be there until the end.




“There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey.”
John Ruskin 1819/1900



Handling objections on price can be very difficult if you haven’t presented your product well and correctly, the buyers will only have a price to compare if they are unsure of


Full details of the product

Company back up and Service


To name a few

A full and precise presentation is the key to avoid price objections at the end of any sales pitch.

Asking structured questions will establish your client’s needs, a competitor’s product may on appearance be the same as yours until you question the buyer.

A competitor who knows his product is far cheaper than others on the market will possibly only sell on price because his quality will not stand up to scrutiny.

If your products are of a superior quality it is essential that the buyer is aware of the differences a superior product will offer these benefits.



Products that are made from superior materials will last longer leading to lower downtime in manufacturing for your client.

If you have support staff as customer back up this must be sold as a benefit


If your product is more versatile it could be possible that your client keeps less stock, making your product cheaper

These are just two examples of structured questioning to establish whether the product you are competing with is like for like, it’s not the buyer's job to ask these questions,

Buyers are extremely busy and possibly have to buy hundreds of products every week and even though their job is to get the best deal for their company they will value your expertise should it save them money and time over a period.

As a professional salesman it is your job to question the buyer should a product you are selling against appear to be cheaper, a buyer will begin to see you as a valued supplier should your product knowledge save him time and money.

Buyers are under a huge amount of stress and are looking for suppliers they can trust and supply the products that are fully designed to do the job.


Not much has changed since the days of John Ruskin quality companies have had price to overcome for over one hundred years and possibly a little will change in the next hundred years.

To survive as a professional salesman it is essential that you always do your job correctly and never assume that customers always buy on price.