One important type of workplace stress that every employee has to deal with is performance stress. It is high in work environment wherein employees are constantly subjected to working to a certain standard or target, this level of expectation on the employee comes with some degree of stress in order to meet the performance target. The ability to meet the set target might lead to the employee questioning his competence and hence the level of stress experienced in the workplace rises.

It is important that the employee is able to cope with and overcome performance stress so a s to be able to meet the company's standard. When the employee is not capable of handling performance stress it can be quite disastrous. An example of the effect of performance stress is when you have an employee about to give an important presentation behalf of the company to a major client, and he suddenly begins to experience stomach upset before the presentation take off.

Putting forth a good performance is always important irrespective of the nature of the vent, whether it is a big or a small one. A good strategy to help improve performance for any specific stack is to work with what is known as a performance plan. Using the performance plan allows you to deal with performance related stress effectively. Your performance plan should cover all the activities that are necessary for performance of the activity or task optimally. What you require is to ensure that you assess every part of your performance to make sure that you fine tune all the necessary components to ensure that you perform excellently. If you would need to travel, make sure you book them in advance. You would also make a checklist of all the items and objects that you require and ensure that you have all of them. Always develop a Plan B, just in case something goes awry with your previous plan. You would also have to be focused on whatever task you have before you, no matter what the volume of job you have overall. Do not let distracting thoughts crowd your mind. Try and think ahead and come up with a plan of action for whatever you think may affect you during the performance of the task.

Another means to help you handle performance stress is to ensure that you are always constantly striving for improvement on a personal level. The fact that you have a personal performance review schedule after every task allows you the opportunity to improve on the next task that you are going to perform. You performance review also helps you cope with the stress because you are able to objectively look at your performance without any emotional background.