At any one time in any part of the world there are millions of people who worry about something in their lives; work, children, family, personal problems and money are the top five causes of worrying. If you find that you fall into this category then do not worry as you are not the only person to be feeling this way. The only problems with worry are that it is a very destructive habit to have, as it can infiltrate from your thoughts right into everything that you do.

Even when you think that you have pushed aside your worries so that you can go to work, spend time with the kids, get on with studying etc your subconscious retains those worries and carries worrying for you in the background, so those worries are always at the back of your mind no matter where you are or what you are doing, which is why they are so destructive, it will affect you without you even realizing. Worry stems from fear of certain situation; the trick is to eliminate the stress that comes with worry and fear and replace it with positive thinking which will help you to find solutions to your problems.

In order to break this routine of worrying you need to limit the impact all of these negative thoughts have on your life and begin replacing them with positive thoughts that will help you to figure out the best solutions for the issues at hand. To do this there are a few things that you can do;

  • Write it all down- some people find that by writing their thoughts down they are able to relieve themselves of the burden of the fear and worry associated with it.  This way you are getting everything off your chest in a way that allows you to get out everything you would like to say and do about the situation.  Now take a look at it again and begin to write down all of the positive outcomes that can come from this situation, allowing you to be able to see a “light at the end of the tunnel”. All of these positive thoughts will allow you to improve upon and remove your negatives allowing the positive to shine through. Some things are better left unsaid so it is a good idea never to talk to the person the worry is about as it could cause you even further problems further down the line.


  • One day at a time- Value and cherish each day and do not take the time to worry about tomorrow. By doing this you are able to take everything that has been positive about the day, you can even go as far saying to yourself out loud “Today I am thankful for..” you will find that there are more positives during your day that happen, more than you realize. Go through your thoughts mentally each day and take each day’s problems in hand without the fear of worry of tomorrow and you will find release and peace.