A Fire Tunnel is a method of Christians blessing other Christians. The idea is that Christians have God in the form of the Holy Spirit inside them and by touching and blessing other Christians some of the Spirit of God goes into them by the practice of the laying on of hands. Fire Tunnels can happen at any Christian gatherings. Christians don’t limit who goes through to only Christians, but it’s mainly Christians who understand some of the power of God who want to walk through a Fire Tunnel. Fire Tunnels are more popular in churches that believe in the Manifestations of God.

Fire Tunnels were first seen with the Toronto Blessing Movement in the early 1990s. The idea behind it is that all Christians, not just the pastors and clergy, have the Power of God and are able to use it to bless others.

You need at least 2 people to start a Fire Tunnel, but more is better. Split the people into two groups who then form two lines facing each other with just enough room for people to walk down the line between the two rows.

People walk between the two rows of people. They should be close enough so that people on each side can reach out and touch them. As they walk past the people on each side take it in turns to touch them, impart a blessing or pray for them.  The person ends up getting much prayer and many blessings as they walk past all the people in the Fire Tunnel.

Then someone else follows and is prayed for by everyone in the tunnel.

When someone has walked through a Fire Tunnel they can then join the end of the Fire Tunnel and pray for and bless anyone who then walks through the Fire Tunnel. Thus in theory the Fire Tunnel could go on forever. Often a Fire Tunnel will move round the outside of the room as the people from one end become the tunnel at the other end.

Sometimes people will go through a Fire Tunnel and then go back to the beginning and go through it again, but it is more common to join the end of the line.

Some people walk though and appear entirely untouched, others will swoon or half or fully fall down or appear drunk. The idea is to keep people moving so if someone falls they can be moved to the side to keep the line moving. Also people can be pulled out of the line if someone has a specific word or prayer for them. The general idea is a short impartation of blessing from lots of people. Many people walk out of Fire Tunnels different from how they went in.

Fire Tunnels are a joyous time; they are lots of fun and are accompanied by a lot of laughing. When you see one for the first time you wonder what’s happening, but after a while you just want to have another Fire Tunnel because they are so much fun, especially if you have a fire tunnel with your friends.