Gold jewelry for gold parties

This tight economy has pushed the price of gold higher than ever, and there are ways to make money from old jewelry. Several companies have expanded across the nation offering to help facilitate gold sales by creating gold parties. It's a win-win-win deal since everyone -- one company even helps charities -- can make money. Here's some information on how to have a gold party. Contact an organization like the Golden Girls or Gold Partying. They are set up to help you organize your party. You can set your party up however you want -- invite friends in person or send out invitations, decorate or not and serve whatever food or drinks you'd like. It's your own party!

With Golden Girls, you can host a party and receive 10% to keep for yourself, or you can choose to become a 'buyer' and earn more. When you host a party, you get the same enjoyment as a typical party only everyone brings their unwanted gold jewelry to have it appraised and cashed in by your guest gold expert buyer. Cash is distributed then and there.

Additionally, the Golden Girls' supported parties have the host pick a favorite charity to receive some of the proceeds. This company also pays you $50 as a referral fee for any party your guests are inspired to give. The gold is then melted down and recycled so there is no waste. In short, this is a variation of other sales parties popular today, but instead of the guests having to buy, they get to sell jewelry they don't wear for cash!

Gold parties are becoming so popular that there are many companies offering to help you sponsor yours. Jax Gold Party, Party at Home, Gold Party Pro, Gold Party Us, RJC Gold Parties, Reverse Gold Parties, Home Gold Parties are just some of the many businesses like Golden Girls or Gold Partying.

Be aware that there are states like South Carolina where gold parties are illegal without a retail space and a license to sell gold. In New Jersey permits are necessary and specially inspected scales are required for the buying and selling of gold. So make sure you do your homework. Many laws and restrictions are in place to protect the general public from the re-sale of stolen jewelry. And these laws could impact your gold party.

You can have a gold party, but do it only after you are sure there are no laws or regulations being broken. Also be careful about what company you choose to work with. Check out their policies, reputation and compare them to their competitors. As 'easy' money is attracting legitimate business, it is also gaining con artists and people with questionable ethics. In hard economic times, a gold party is a great way to make money for all. Just be careful and do your homework before having your own gold party!