A healthy relationship is one in which you and your partner can be yourselves, no pretences whatsoever.

Healthy relationships are fun and make you feel good about yourself. It's very important to have a healthy relationship with your partner because the opposite is actually hazardous to one's health and to the society.

Good things do not come easy or cheap, to have a healthy relationship, you have to work hard, but the good thing about this hard work is that it's something you will enjoy doing because of the love between the two of you, also the end result is so good that it affects you and the society at large. Why do I say this? Okay let's look at this, a good relationship between a husband and wife makes a happy home and when the home is happy you raise well balanced children who turn out to be responsible adults that are members of the society. So working at having a healthy relationship is critical and is very achievable.

I will give some proven steps which if taken will ensure a healthy relationship:

  • Accept your partner as he or she is. Always look at the positive side and downplay the not so good side. After all nobody is perfect.
  • Ability to forgive is very essential in a relationship. The saying to err is human but to forgive is divine is so true. We are all human and bound to slip at times. We therefore need to learn how to forgive.
  • Showing appreciation is very powerful. When you show appreciation, it is a motivator. Give sincere appreciation to your partner whenever they deserve it. Be generous in giving it.
  • Always tell the truth you need to be honest with your partner. Lies bring a disconnection between the two of you.
  • Study your partner to find out what he or she likes, try and do those things
  • Be happy with your partner simply because you love him or her and not what they can do for you.
  • There should be respect. Each partner should respect the feelings of the other.
  • It's important to strive to do what your partner loves, for e.g. if your partner loves you to look good, then go all out and do that.

Life is too short hence it's important to live well. It's good to have love in your life. Embrace life fully with a good heart.