Marriage is covenant relationship every couple must work at to ensure it thrives and does not just exist.Here are some tips on how to make sure you and your spouse stay close and connected and not isolated.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Make sure you take the the time every day to acknowledge one another and tell your spouse how much you love them. Life is busy, kids are complicated, and work is demanding but your spouse was the one you made a lifetime commitment to and that one person will be the one that is still there after life slows down, kids grow up, and jobs come to an end. Invest in your spouse on a daily basis.

Step 2

Take an interest in your spouse and what hey enjoy doing. Take some time to do something that is special to your loved one. Marriage is about selflessness, you may not enjoy your spouse's interests as much as some of your own but show them you enjoy them and spending time with them is more important to you .

Step 3

Take a weekend away together. There must be times when two people come together alone and seperate from the cares of their every day life and be in a new surrounding. The newness will allow you both to concentrate on each other and remember why you have chosen to love this person for your lifetime. Couples can take this time away and recommit their marriage relationship and admiration to one another.
Men and women alike need to be fully commited to one another and work through the tough times. It is easier to walk away or grow apart then to actually work at your relationship, but do not allow this to happen. Take authority over the things in your life that keep your marraige from thriving and start today to pursue your spouse all over again.

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