So beautiful, once upon a timeHaiti is at the left of the IslandBeautiful beach before the earthquake

On 12th January 2010, the Caribbean Island of Haiti suffered a massive earthquake. It measured 7 on the Richter scale and caused terrible devastation.

Four days later there are still people with no shelter, dead bodies rotting on the streets, earthquake aftershocks, armed gangs looting and some of the living trapped under rubble.

As the situation becomes dire consider what you can do to help.

Map showing Haiti in relation to the rest of the world

Things You Will Need

A rescued infantJoy for rescuersFour days after the earthquake many are still trapped under rubble

Money, A will to help, To be resourceful, Generosity, Speed, Staying power.

Step 1

One of the ways that most of us can help is to give money. It does not have to be a lot of money, just what you can afford. Can't afford to give anything? Is that really true?

Walk to work for a week.

Cut out smoking for a week.

Pass on those expensive restaurant lunches and take a packed lunch instead.

Donate the money that you have saved to the Haitian appeal.

If you genuinely have no money to spare, look at others ways to help. However, give donating money, some serious thought.

Step 2

Donate your affiliate earnings for this month to one of the charitable appeals. Make sure that you only give to reputable charities such as DEC, theDisaster's Emergency Committee, in the UK.

Step 3

Raise money in any way that you can. Sell items you no longer need, organise a raffle, do a sponsored walk or have a jumble sale. Be inventive , use your imagination and get busy.

Step 4

If you are religious pray to the Lord for the people of Haiti. Even those less religious will turn to prayer when such a disaster strikes. Let's face it, these people whatever help you can offer and from wherever it may come.

Step 5

Offer your services on the ground, if you can. Nurses, medical professionals, fire fighters and more are all needed right now.

Step 6

Keep the plight of Haiti alive. If this story goes onto the back burner many people will be lost forever. Keep writing about Haiti to keep this rescue alive, in reader's minds.

Step 7 is running a writing contest for the Haiti appeal right now. Each article will generate a few dollars to add to the appeal. The prize money will also go to the rescue efforts. If you are a member of Helium drop by and write a few words, to add to the cause.

Step 8

Consider making a regular donation to one of the charities, such as the Red Cross. This will mean that, if and when another disaster happens, the charities will have more in their coffers to begin work sooner.

Being in such a dire situatioon as the people of Haiti does not bear thinking about. Yet, there but for the grace of god go you or I. If a disaster was to happen in your country, you would hope that help arrived and arrived quickly.

In Haiti, at the moment, there are few local resources left to help.

With the UN admitting that the Haitian earthquake is the worst disaster that they have ever had to cope with rescue efforts will not be easy.

Help will have to come from other countries and people such as you and I. Do what you can and do it fast.

Sadly time is running out for the people of Haiti.

This article is a non profit article, with all proceeds going to the Haitian rescue appeal via DEC. Please join me.

Keep the plight of the Haitian people in the news

Tips & Warnings

Beware of scammers when donating money.

Time is of the essence.