In this day and age trying to be successful is like riding the wrong way  in traffic.  You must fight family, lose friends even lose who you are somewhere along the way.    Not everyone has a constant reminder of why they strive for success and break barriers for greatness.  I open my eyes daily and think of new ways to try to change the world to be a better place. As I walk in the bathroom I see myself in the mirror and realize that the first step is to change myself. Leading by example is the one true way to be a successful leader.  Motivation for this success comes in several forms not all of them are positive. However having a positive outlook after the inital negativity will help divert some of the stress.  In my personal experience I have learned talking to someone who has been in your same situation and knows you quite well is one of the best stress diverting solutions.  Taking this conversation time as a sounding board for ideas or concerns without taking it out on those closest to you.  Although success can be a daunting journey reaping the rewards will be the greatest parts, during these times you must look back on the low times and pay gratitude because without those low times the high times would not feel half as good.  In my own opinion keeping stress down or out of your life is one way to opening new doors that lead to new opportunities. Though not always easy it is possible below I will list a few of the ways I try to manage stress:


  • Breath Deep and Walk Away. I am not saying to give up, but you should walk away to clear your mind of negative thinking to make room for fresh positive thoughts.
  • Take a HOT shower or bath.Again allowing this time for self reflection will allow you to focus your energies on the task that is causing such an issue for you.
  • Call Someone.This allows you two options to destress. You can either take your mind completely off your work and focus on the conversation or you can bounce ideas and listen to someone elses view point.

Now these options may not suit your needs or you just may not want to do them, but the general aspect is to release stress in a positive way to receive positive outcomes. Do not get so discouraged when things may not go your way and just know there is someone out there somewhere who has been where you are going through the same thing or is currently in a similar situation.  This is my first article and welcome any advice or constructive criticism any reader may have to offer. Thank you in advance~FELICIA