Why should you consider getting a cleaner?

If you hate cleaning your house and if you clean begrudgingly wondering how best you could otherwise spend your time but still want a clean and healthy house, then you are like me. You could consider hiring a cleaner, someone who you would pay to perform agreed housekeeping tasks in your home.

Get References

There are some risks associated with hiring a cleaner however, mostly if you will be in the position of letting in a stranger into your home. If you are in the fortunate position where you know somebody very well that you can hire then you are very fortunate. If not you have to proceed very carefully. Putting an ad in a paper advertising "a few hours work per week" will sound a very tempting offer to most people and you will find that there will be alot of responses. It would not be advisable to employ somebody without any cleaning experience. Preferably the ideal candidate is a cleaner by profession or a housewife with many years experience. It is important to ask for references that you can contact and a written reference should be provided. From these references you should be able to determine what sort of character this person has and whether you feel comfortable letting them into your home. If you have a short list of candidates go with your gut, more often than not you will be right.

Agree Terms and Conditions

It is always important in business relationships to be upfront and honest. You should agree with your cleaner how many hours you are comfortable with, what tasks you would like to see done, what hourly rate you are willing to pay and what the expectations are in terms of output from the cleaner per week. You also need to agree on who will be providing the cleaning materials, in most cases you will. A good system would be to agree a trial period of a week or two.

It is important also to insist that the cleaner keeps a log of what activities that they have performed and the number of hours that they have spent in your house. This will also be beneficial for you to monitor the hours worked as well as keeping track of which weeks are paid for or not. For at least the first one or two cleaning sessions it is important to be present in the house.

If you have been careful in doing the above steps, the reward should be obvious very quickly, a clean house and a free pair of hands!!