It is a big challenge for companies to hire a competent salesperson especially, today's scenario. In brief, to hire a superior sales talent there is a need to conduct short and intensive interview sessions. First make sure that the candidate has completed the formal sales screening process and is suitable. Next, engage an experienced human resource employee to conduct a brief but structured phone screening. The philosophy of using senior human resource executive for this step is that they have the intuition to know whether the candidate sounds professional enough to be allowed to talk with sales department 's senior executive and General Manager or CEO.
The person conducting the phone interview is instructed to judge specific characteristics that are including; presence, rapport, ability to articulate ideas, warmth, experience, meets qualifications, meets the technical aspect of the job, humble and confidence. Each characteristic is then weighted and used as a part of the final scoring of the candidate. If the candidate has successfully passed these initial filters then move on to the next phase.
The next phase of the interview process is 'one-to-one interview'. The idea here is to schedule a fast paced interview where the goal is to apply pressure on a candidate similar to the pressure he/she will experience in the field actually.
The introduction to the candidate sets the stage so it is very important to give a good impression as by showing that you are rushed but not rude. You may say something to the effect such as: "Thank you for taking time to visit here today". Due to some unforeseen issues, we will not be able to use the entire time allotted. But within the short time available there is so much to learn about you.
The Interviewer pre-planning should have come together in four general areas and many specific questions within each area. These four general areas are:
1) Resume, 2) Assessment 3) Behaviors, including intrinsic motivators and cultural fit
4) The Opportunity and close.
In the Resume portion, the interviewer should be looking for specific information generated from resume statements.The general questions asked here are;
What exactly is your role in the development regarding your future?
How did you implement it on your job? Would it be successful for you, justify with at least two reasons? So, one has to construct these questions with a general topic and several follow up questions as well. But make sure to ask only one question at a time to get a genuine answer.
Interviewer can also break down the assessment portion of the interview under these headings:
Compatibility (with job & organization culture) - Skill Sets (communication skill, Negotiation skill, Presentational skill etc) - Excuse Making (if any odd situation present).
There are numerous issues under Behavior part that needs to be explore. It is better to create a spreadsheet of crucial observations that will be rated on a scale of one to five. Some of the observations are about; warmth, energy, experience, overall self presence, and numerous others.
To wrap all this up, organizations need to carefully develop recruitment & selection policies. In order to fit the right person in the right place at the right time, human resource department must align to the their corporate strategy. By doing this, they better able to find qualified sales persons. Human assets of the company are the competitive advantage over others, must think..