Everyone loves a good party, but not everyone loves hosting them. If you’ve ever tried to throw a small get-together, you know that it can be difficult to be entertaining without forcing your guests to participate in events they may not even like.

1. Invite people who know each other or are likely to get along. The best way to keep guests entertained is to give them other guests to talk to. Talking is the simplest and most common form of socializing, and therefore should be your biggest concern. Be sure to avoid inviting only people who will clique up and ignore others.

2. Invite more people. If more people attend, there are more chances for mingling than if you only invited a few people. This is not always the case, but more times than not, it’s the best way to mix groups of people.

3. Provide snacks, because people are happier when they aren’t hungry. Expensive is not necessarily the best way to go, a few bags of chips and some dip will suffice. Other common snacks are fruit, veggie platters, candy, and meat or cheese platters.

4. Be sure your house is clean, because no one wants to climb around piles of dirty clothes, or walk on a dirty kitchen floor. It’s not make or break, but it will definitely feel better for your guests. Comfort is important!

5. If your party will be going on during 9 am, noon, or 6 pm, it is always the best idea to provide food. If you cannot provide food, state somewhere on your invites that you will not be providing a meal. A creative way to feed a party is to host a potluck, where everyone brings their favorite dish. That way everyone at the party is contributing, and there is likely to be more than enough food for everyone.

6. If there will be smaller children at the party, have another room set aside for the kids to play in, with coloring books, crayons, toys, a TV, or whatever you feel fit to keep children occupied for the party.

7. Board games are always a good idea, even for parties lacking younger guests. Board games for up to 8 players or more work best in party settings.

8. Themed parties are great if there is a holiday around the corner. Any holiday ranging from Fourth of July to Christmas has the potential to be great for a large number of guests and events.

9. Make sure you’re enjoying the party! If you aren’t, no one else will be.

If you follow these tips or take ideas from them, your party is likely to be a huge hit with everyone. Have fun and happy hosting!