Bed bugs are not easy to identify unless you know what to look for. Once you've been infested with bed bugs, it's very hard to get rid of them without knowing what to do. There are many ways to stop a bed bug infestation, but only a few that will keep them from coming back.

Things You Will Need

Steam iron


Magnifying glass

Caulking and gun


Step 1

Identify the nest. If you have bed bugs and listen for movement. A good indicator of bed bugs is usually found in the seams of a mattress. If you look in between the seems and notice black casings or eggs, you probably have bed bugs. Search any light sockets or around the bed if you can't find any in the mattress.

Step 2

Remove the eggs. Use bleach to Scrub the walls around the infected area and vacuüm all the eggs and casings. Pour bleach in vacuüm bag before dumping to kill any remaining bed bugs. Make sure to not miss any spots, because one egg can be the start of another infestation. Make sure to get the floor cleaned with bleach before you go back in the room.

Step 3

Use a steam iron on all clothing. Steam is needed to completely kill bed bugs. The heat from a steam iron will kill all bed bugs and eggs. Steam can be used in place of bleach where needed but its easier to use steam on a mattress or box springs.

Step 4

Seal all cracks around nest. Seal all visible cracks with caulking to prevent bed bugs from having an easy place to build a nest.

Step 5

Go back and double-check. It one or two eggs or bed bugs to start an entire colony again, So make sure to double-check all the areas and make sure no eggs are left over.

Step 6

Check and re-check for bed bugs once per month. You don't have to do this every month, but its important to check every month for at least 3 months to make sure no new nests have been started. It usually takes 1 to 3 months before you can go back to normal activity.

Step 7

Wash all lenins. Make sure to wash any pillow cases, lenins, clothing or hats that were within the infected area. Bed bugs can hide anywhere, including clothing and pillow cases.

Step 8

Get rid of pillows. One of the biggest mistakes people make when getting rid of bed bugs is keeping the same pillows on the bed. The bed bugs can easily re-populate and migrate back inside the mattress. You can't really clean inside the pillow and it's too thick for steam. The only way to get them out of your pillow is to throw the pillow outside. In addition to any lenins that need to be cleaned, also make sure and wash all clothing or hats that were in the infested area.

Tips & Warnings