Many people have a higher tendency of their feet or arms falling asleep.Most people find this very uncomfortable and rather annoying.This is due to having a poor circulatory system. Learn how you can improve your circulatory system and never have that funny tingling feeling again.

Things You Will Need

green vegetables

Step 1

First, develop a strong heart. Exercise and eating good foods will help strengthen your heart. Staying away from smoke will also help you develop and maintain a strong healthy heart. Having a healthy heart will keep your blood flowing which improves your circulatory system. Staying around from smoke will also keep your heart healthy and keep your blood flowing properly.

Step 2

Improve the amount of oxygen that goes to the cells. Eating green vegetables will improve this as well as natural herbs. Spinach leaves are the best type of green vegetable that you can eat.

Step 3

Get a massage that emphasizes on lymph nodes. Massaging can greatly increase the amount of circulation in your body. As you are massaging your body you are increasing the blood flow with circulates around your entire body. Massaging feet, legs, hands and arms will also wake up your body if it has fallen asleep.

Step 4

Take steps to decrease your blood pressure. Stress will greatly increase your blood pressure. It is important to relax so your blood pressure can go down. People who worry about things tend to have higher blood pressure. It is important to tell yourself to relax and not worry about the little things in life. Reading a book or listening to music can help decrease your blood pressure. If you cannot decrease your blood pressure on your own there are certain herbs and prescriptions that you can get from your doctor that will help this.

By partaking in these steps, you will improve your circulatory system.If you are still having problems it is best to massage your body part that has fallen asleep.After that, it is important to walk around to keep your blood flowing and to avoid it from getting more uncomfortable.

Tips & Warnings