Many people have a poor digestive system. If you are not making at least two bowel movements a day, that is a major sign to having a poor digestive system. Some people have a hard time digesting their food, and get upset stomachs. An upset stomach is due to constipation. Learn how you can improve your digestive system by simply focusing on a few important steps.

Things You Will Need

vitamins, food high in fiber and bran, water

Step 1

Relax your stomach muscles. Keeping your stomach muscles tightened has a poor effect on your digestive system by not allowing your food to digest properly. Relaxing helps your food go you're your stomach properly which makes it easier to digest.

Step 2

Massage your temples. If you can't relax your head you won't be able to relax any of your muscles. Rubbing your temples will allow you to relax your entire body. Having someone else rub your temples will help even more so you can completely relax.

Step 3

Eliminate waste as often as you can. Many people have a fear of having a bowel movement in public so they will hold it in until they get home. It is important to not worry and have a bowel movement as often as you can to improve your digestive system. Remember having a bowel movement is a normal part of life and you should never be embarrassed about it.

Step 4

Drink as much water as you can a day. Drinking water cleans out your entire system and gets rid of all the things that aren't supposed to be in your body. Drinking water is not only healthy for your digestive system, but it is also good for your teeth. Water doesn't have any sugar in it like juice and soda.

Step 5

Take your vitamins and eat healthy food. Taking your vitamins regularly will help improve your digestive system. They will keep your body healthy and flush out anything unhealthy that is not needed in your body. Food high in fiber and bran are also great for your digestive system. Eating whole nuts in the shell such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and peanuts are great for your digestive system as when swallowed pieces of the shell scrape against the intestinal wall. This gets rid of anything that sticks to the wall and helps you digest it.

By following these simple rules your digestive system will greatly improve. You should see and feel a difference within a week. This will leave your body feeling great and not so drained.

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