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How to increase site traffic and earn more money writing online-

Writing online creates a whole new learning curve for most writers. Each site has its own guidelines and set of rules. Once you have finally managed to publish an article, you will need to promote it, market your work, and reach your goal of writing online and earning money.

To increase site traffic to your blog, the site you write on, there are several other sites you must master. How to get traffic and article hits is an extra learning curve. This article discusses search engine optimization or SEO, adwords, social networking, website comments, and backlinks.

It is written for a fairly new online writer.

Things You Will Need

Firefox 3.0 browser
Language skills
Will to learn

Step 1

Google adwords
Google Adwords Tool:

Keywords are the tool Googlebots use to recognize your writing. It's free to use and gives you synonyms for possible phrases you want to include in your article. Enter the phrase and then choose "estimated avg. CPC", that is cost per click, under "choose columns to display." Choose your keywords wisely, usually those with 20,000 hits or more, but not those with millions, taking into consideration how much pay per click (PPC) cost to the advertiser, the Google Adwords customer. You can click "add" and download the keywords or just write them down.

Sprinkle those keywords throughout your article.

Step 2



Backlinks to your article are very important. SheToldMe.com is one key portal for increasing site traffic to your work AND for earning more money. It is a 100% Adsense sharing program like Digg. You'll need a Google Adsense account to start getting a share of the ads that float near your articles. Sign up at SheToldme, complete your bio, and start posting your article links. You will need to write a summary or teaser paragraph to entice readers. It must be entirely different and not a copy and paste from your article so the Googlebots will smile kindly on you. Backlinking really works and will increase site traffic very fast. You will see increased earnings right away. Xomba is another portal for backlinking and how to get more traffic. Use Delicious to post your recipes. Digg is another important backlink for posting URLs. There are many. This writer saw an increase in earnings almost immediately.

Another important method of driving customers to your site is to link up with someone else's site. For instance: If you write about knitting, consider writing a pattern and instructions for another website as a featured writer and include backlinks to your blog or website URL. It's all about exponentially increasing your visibility, increase your site traffic and earn more customers and money.

Try backlinking, you won't regret it.

Step 3

tweet on twitter

Social networking:

Of course, tweet your article on Twitter. Use hashtags (#) for groups according to the subject matter in your title. Social net-working sites can be tricky. Facebook friends don't want to hear about your articles being published everyday, but if the subject matter is of special interest to them, they will read it. So know your friends and/or join niche groups on Facebook.

You can also get ideas for writing by following your fellow Tweeters.

Step 4

website traffic

SEO, search engine optimization:

Submit your URL to the top search engines: Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Dogpile, a meta search engine crawls these three. It takes a while for your articles to be added to the top search engine indexes, but you will notice increased traffic to your site in a few days usually and you'll start earning more money.

Search for "submit URL" for Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Sign up and you are all set to begin.

Step 5

Social networking

Reciprocal comments on your friends' or fans' articles, another method of social networking, will get you traffic to your website and your articles, as well. Include your article title when replying to a comment.

Search your username online and find your comments picked up by Googlebots.

All these tips will increase traffic flow, get readers, your customers, to your site, and start earning you more money. There are plenty other SEO tips, which this writer needs to master.

Tips & Warnings

Reading articles written about search engine optimization or SEO on Infobarrel or eHow, wherever you write, is a great way to learn.