Have you tried to attract a significant number of followers on Twitter and failed? Do you think you have problems interacting with Twitter users or people do not seem very interested in what you post on this service? Here are some tips on how to attract more followers on Twitter, pro-active, passive or automatically. All these methods are based on posting interesting information for your target.

Firstly, the trinity rule means that one third of what you post on Twitter should be information about what you, as an individual, have to offer. Do not try to sell something advertised as a service, but instead try just to talk about you, even about certain things linked to your own business. Furthermore, a third of the total time devoted to Twitter's response must be allocated to the interaction with followers. Finally, the last third of your posts should be about your business that you want to promote.

Until you've set up quite well on Twitter (that is at least 500 followers) do not be tempted to post only about your business on social networks. One daily tweet advertising one of your products is enough. Also consider posting at least 5 tweets per day, in order to make yourself noticed. If you do not have the time for this, you can control the exact time for your posts with software like Future Tweets or HootSuite.


On the other hand, passive methods involve attracting followers to your personal Twitter account by advertising on your business and link your account to your website, blog, e-mail signature or profiles on forums. This works best in most of the situations. Passive methods involve reaching people who have Twitter accounts, and make them like what you are doing in order to have them following you.


The proactive method involves finding the right people to follow. These people should be chosen selectively, people who are related to your interests. After you follow them, do not let it all "at the mercy of chance" but instead send them a message telling them your name and explaining why you decided to follow them. In 80% of cases they will also follow you back.

Finally, the automatic method should be used selectively and carefully. Some software, such as Tweet Adder, Tweetspinner, or Socialoomph can help you find your followers automatically. But although these tools can help in this matter, nothing can replace human interaction.