When you install a solar powered clothes dryer, you can save money on your electric or gas bill each month, help save the planet by using the next-generation of renewable energy, and improve your own health as well, by building a bit more movement (stretching and weight lifting) into your daily life. A solar powered clothes dryer costs only a few dollars and is easy to install by yourself at home.

Things You Will Need

* yard or other open area near your home

* utility pole or tall tree (one at each end)

* clothesline pulley (2)

* big screw hooks (2)

* long nylon rope (about 200 feet)

* tensioners

* laundry

* laundry basket

* clothespins

Step 1

partPurchase the parts you will need: clothesline pulley (2), large screw-in hooks (2) and clothing separators.

Step 2

tensionPurchase several extra clothing separators, also called tensioners. You may need quite a few of these, depending on how long your clothesline will be.

Step 3

cupInstall the large screw hooks by screwing one into each pole or tree. Then, place the clothesline pulley over the hook.

Step 4

knot bowlineString the nylon cord through the pulley at both ends. Tie a bowline knot in one end of the rope.

Step 5

knot tautBring the other end of the clothesline through the loop created by the bowline. Then, tie a taut line hitch. This will allow you to tighten up the clothesline as it develops slack from being used.

Step 6

divideHook the clothing separators over the line. Make sure the sliding pulley part is on the top section. Push them all down to the end by the pulley. Later, when you are hanging the clothes, you will use these separators every few feet or so, to keep the top and bottom sections closer together, so that your clothes will not drag in the dirt.

Step 7

pinsPut a "table" near the end of your clothesline, to set the laundry basket on. You will also want a small container for your clothespins.

You can use a small table, step ladder, overturned bucket, or anything that you have handy. You can also just put the laundry basket on the ground, which will give you more exercise because of bending over to get the clothes out, but a table is a nice addition and very convenient.

Step 8

lineHang your clothes on your new solar powered clothes dryer and enjoy better health and extra money!
A solar powered clothes dryer is a great thing!

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