Sometimes, you just can't help getting a few coffee grounds in your cup of coffee. Maybe your coffee machine is acting up and the coffee grounds make their way into your pot of freshly brewed java. It is frustrating, but you may be heading out the door to work and you don't have time to brew another pot. Here is how to pour your cup of coffee and avoid getting any of the grounds into your cup.

What you will need:

* A strong paper towel like Viva or Bounty


1. Once you realize that there are coffee grounds floating around in your pot of coffee, try not to get too upset. This can be remedied. You don't want to let something small like this ruin the start of a great day.

2. Get out the cup that you want to pour your coffee into. but don't start pouring just yet.

3. Tear off a full size piece of paper towel. You want it to be an entire square, not the rectangular select-a-size. Your brand of paper towel is also important. It has to be strong enough to hold up to hot coffee being poured over it without breaking. Viva is my first choice but Bounty and Brawny work too.

4. Place the paper towel over the top of your cup with the cup centered below it. Hold it in place.

5. Pour the coffee from the pot very slowly into your cup so that it filters through the paper towel. You will notice that the coffee grounds stay on top of the paper towel, while your coffee passes straight through to your cup.

6. Remove the paper towel and grounds from the top of your cup and throw them away. Be careful because the paper towel will probably be pretty hot.

7. Drink up! You are coffee-ground-free, and on your way to a great day.