"Are we there yet?!"

Going on a long trip with your kids? Here are some ideas for your children to keep busy while you get from point a to point b.

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The License Plate Alphabet Game
There are several variants of this game, but the basic premise is to keep your kids occupied by looking at car license plates as they drive by. You could tell them to find a license plate with "A", then find one with "B", then "C" and so on... or, you could tell them to find one with the letters to their name in it.

I Spy
A classic game that stands the test of time. Quite simply, someone says "I spy with my little eye, something that is....<color>", and then everyone else has 5 guesses to figure out what it is. Thew winner then get's to be "it", and says "I spy with my little eye, something that is....<color>", and so on.

Travel Edition Board GameMagnifying Glass (39504)
You could pick up a portable board game or two for your kids. This will keep them engaged in an activity together and turn "Are we there yet?" into "You sunk my battleship!" Portable snakes and ladders, portable Battleship, portable checkers, if there is a board game, chances are there is a portable version of it.

Reading (39505)

Coloring Books
Let your children's creative wheels spin as your car's wheels take you to your destination. You can purchase coloring books for children that only allow you to color on the paper provided, or crayons that wash out easily in case of accidents.

Give your kids some books to read while you drive. See if they have a favourite book or two, and keep a second copy in your car so you don't have to pack it everywhere you go. You can buy a new or used second copy from Amazon.

Music and Singing
Perhaps your kids want to listen to a particular song, or sing along to their favourite songs. Some family vehicles have dual sound systems, so music in the front is different than music in the back. You could even purchase a portable CD player for your kids in the back while you enjoy your music in the front.

Portable DVD Player
Some newer family vehicles come with DVD players for the passengers. You can purchase car DVD kits, or you could purchase a portable DVD player that can sit on their lap, or strapped to the back of your seat. Grab your kids favourite DVD, or why not show them an educational DVD so they learn something while you drive. Check out the selection of learning DVDs for children at Amazon, Baby Einstein and leapfrog are great DVDs for children to watch.

Sometimes driving in the car will make your kids sleepy. If it is comfortable enough, quiet enough and they are tired, they might just hit the hey while you drive to your destination. You could even put on a relaxing sounding CD, like the sounds of nature or waterfalls, or no music at all; the sounds of the car moving might be enough to relax your children.