If you are relatively new to writing but old enough to be down about low earnings, you need to read this!

There is a massive reason most people fail with writing on line for money. They seem to have this delusion that the money will start flooding in after a couple of days. Some people even join writing platforms and after posting no more than two articles, start complaining that they have waited a couple of days and have not earned anything. You can't expect to be an entrepreneur over night. There are things that you must learn about writing for revenue and earnings, the process that sees most people fall to the sides however,is because they don't like the research, or they don't like the Keyword research etc. Writing for money on line isn't like opening a journal and writing your thoughts or poetry, it isn't even like writing in a Newspaper, you have to make sure that you beat every other writer for pole position,that is where Keyword research and LSI comes in.

What you have to think about is how often do you do a Google search and only scan the first page or maybe the second. Now why would other people scan page 10 or 15? They just wouldn't, so you need to make sure you are no lower than page 3 or 4 on any given search you write for. People who write for the pure joy do not need to worry about this factor and if you are a  new writer I can guarantee that you will meet people who will throw that arrow straight at you, as if somehow writing for the art of it automatically makes them a better writer than you. What ever you do, don't let that kill your motivation as it is just an ego trip for the other writer. Writers online need to develop a harder shell than most as they are under magnificent critique. Luckily Info Barrel writers whilst not suffering excruciatingly bad writers, still support writers of all genres.

The writing on line Myth

If you are writing because someone told you that it was easy to make money on line, I will tell you now that it is far from easy. You will work twice as hard as you would if you were working for an employer, at least if you do make it by writing on line, you are your own boss. It is not an unheard of work ethic that needs to be applied to earning money on line, it is just one that has been put away by the masses, which is why the masses are now poor. You need to be willing to work for free or at least for very little in order to gain your reputation as a writer. This will come quicker for some than others, but for the masses, you must expect to put in all the unpaid hours of research and educate yourself on a topic that has not been taught to you before. Remember a time when people volunteered in the area they wished to gain experience in? That is what you need to apply to writing, to make money on line. If you want to write with out making money on line, then this article is really moot to you, it is to show how you can keep motivated whilst you are learning the ropes of writing on line for money. Neither will you really need this article if you are being paid to write. You will need this article if you are trying to earn for the future and want to keep ownership of your work.

Why do writer's lose motivation?

There are a number of reasons why a writer may be unmotivated but the experienced writer learns to over come these issues. Writers that have established themselves know the reason for lack of motivation and combat them by challenging themselves and each other.

Usually a writer that has been writing long enough to feel they should be earning but not long enough to realise that they need to be more than a writer, they need to be a businessman also, will lose lack of motivation when they do not see  the required results. "Why haven't I earned as much as others have?" I hear you ask. You may have been concentrating too hard on other people and not yourself, or you could be so busy worrying about what is not happening, you are not doing what you are in control of, writing!

The best way to get results, views and earnings is to write articles. You don't get visitors to pages that don't exist. Make yourself accountable and you WILL succeed.

How to get your motivation as a writer back

As I have stated, you need to make yourself accountable, being accountable to yourself just doesn't work for most, as you also make excuses for yourself. The kids chewed up your time, the partner wanted to go out, a neighbor called round, these are all blocks for your writing and earning, I know them well, they happen to me all the time.You need to be accountable to others. This is where the idea of Mcimicata's of his latest challenge comes in extremely well. 

I have joined Mike's latest task, aptly named Challenge yourself,crankin out content. Make your own challenge, all that Mike asks is that you make it a challenge. Remember a challenge is suppose to push your boundaries, be tough to accomplish. Go hard or go home as they say.

I have pledged to gain another 37 articles here at Info Barrel, which will bring my total up to 100 articles. That can be done by anyone who ticks away slowly, so I have pledged that I will accomplish this task by the end of the 30th April. That is stretching myself as I have never published more than 17 articles here in a month, now I am pledging 37 articles with in 12 days. I will be lucky to achieve it, but I gain nothing from failing and everything by succeeding.

Every writer that is trying to make money passively is welcome to challenge themselves. The challenge is not for April either, it is what YOU challenge yourself to.