How to successfully write a story.

Well, many people have ideas and many ideas. But when they start writing, everything goes blank. They write it for some time, but then feel to stop the work right there and start some new story. They keep on changing ideas and stories, and writing new ones, but they are never successful to complete one perfect story, and are nowhere recognized in the writing world. Well, I, here have tried to put my experience and concepts,  as an effort to relieve some people of their writing problem, if you are one of them, you have came to just the right article. May it help pull you out of writing crisis.

Well, in my stories, this happened once, but now, it doesn’t happen. The secret to complete one story and go on with it is here:
1) When you get just the right idea, right it down, and start your story.
2) There will be many instances in your story where you will feel that this has to be changed; this is not good one, what bad English, oh!! This event doesn't connect to that!! - in all cases, don't go back, don't even turn your page to see what was written on the back pages, just with your thoughts and what you last wrote, keep on writing with taking new thinking as you go on (well it is for those writers who create a plot and let the plot guide your story, not for those who build up the entire idea in the beginning) 
3) keep a writer's notebook with you always. When you are writing, and also like a small diary wherever you go. Ideas don't really come sometimes when you, sitting on your writing table, think, think and think - this may also lead to writer's block. So, whenever you get a new idea, for anything, write it down in your notebook, but don't care to change your story according to the new ideas that came up, in writing, work upon the same thoughts and ideas that are guiding your story.
4) complete your story with the main idea and guideline that is leading your story and then it will be complete!!
5) now, the harder work, the second draft, in it you don't have to look at the grammar, dialogues etc. first you got to make a correct story, by adding, cutting and renewing some things. Now take your diary out, and with context to the diary ideas, try to see if which one is good for your story.
Remember, the diary ideas are not like they can change the entire story, and you got to change it or rewrite it all over!!! They are just a part of your story, which can surely be changed without affecting the after part of the story. Like - john was dead, so Alice left the village. - In it, it doesn't matter how he died, but you can make it interesting.
6) Now third draft, now you can care and repair all your grammatical mistakes.
These all can make your perfect story complete, and very finely written - In my tricks, you will never feel the importance of writing everything perfect, by this three step method, and you will come out of your perfectionist for some time, to make your story perfect.

Last words - keep writing what you think, don't worry about anything, at last it will on its own the perfect.