The best place to get fresh produce is from the local farmers market. However with the abundance of produce the easier it will be for them to spoil. I will give you some tips on how to keep them fruser longer.

Things You Will Need

For the purpose of this article you will need a watermelon, grapes, fresh herbs, tomatoes, berries, and some leafy greens. Each step is going to have to do with at least one of these items.

Step 1

First will be the watermelon let this ripen on your counter top for about a week. Then put it in the fridge the day before eating it. Do not put it near any other fruit when on the counter top or in the fridge. Fruits give off a gas that can shorten the length your watermelon stays fresh.

Step 2

The next tip is for grapes. Store the grapes in the original plastic bag they came in, but first remove any damaged or bruised grapes from the bag. Wrap the left over grapes in a paper towel to remove any moisture. Do not wash the grapes until you are going to eat them. If you wash grapes early then mold may grow on them very quickly.

Step 3

For fresh herbs wrap them in paper towels and place them in the crisper drawer inside the fridge. However do not refrigerate Basil instead put it in some water on a sunny windowsill.

Step 4

Now for the tomatoes, store small tomatoes in their original containers in the fridge and larger tomatoes on the counter. Once the larger tomatoes become bright red you can put them into the fridge. Do not put tomatoes anywhere near vegetables in the fridge or they will deteriorate.

Step 5

Berries are very similar to grapes, keep them in their original containers. Remove bruised, damaged, or moldy berries. Do not wash them before storing for the same reason as grapes.

Step 6

Leafy greens are the last item on the list. Pat these dry with a paper towel before storing them anywhere then put them in a plastic bag and store them in the crisper drawer. Do not put these items close to tomatoes or other fruits.

Tips & Warnings