Steps to Keep Your 2 Stroke In Good Condition

First step to keeping your bike in good condition is the fuel. Generally you want to use high-grade high-octane gasoline. Also have a good mix ratio with the oils you're using. With mineral oil mix 32 parts gasoline to 1 part oil. With synthetic oils generally mix 50 to 1. The leaner you make your mix the crisper you make your bike run but it will "blow up" quicker. If you mix richer you will lose potential power but give your engine a longer life. But with mixing richer you may foul your spark plug wich then involves a bit of work to get your bike in running condition again.

Step 2 engine oils. when picking oils make sure you read your owner's manual first. But generally speaking use 10w 40 or 10w 50 grade oil. Make sure you change your oils annually and/or when the oil starts turning black.

Step 3 tire maintenance. When picking tires make sure they match your own personal riding types and riding terrains. There is tread pattern, tread height, and tire softness to take in account. Once you have picked out your tire make sure you run the specified poundage of air in it. Next you want to make sure all your spokes are tightened and that none are loose.

Step 4 suspension. Make sure your suspension is set to your weight, you don't want it to soft or to hard. Also make sure the rebound is set appropriately. After each ride always air out your front shocks. You can get hassle free air bleeders for about 20 dollars on-line.

Step 5 brakes. When it comes to brakes every body likes them different. You'll have to figure out how touchy they are what angle your lever is at, how close the foot lever is and so on. When braking you don't want your back tire to lock up while your still moving, if this happens you have less braking power.

Final step YOU! You will have to learn techniques of your own throughout life. Watch what other people do and talk to others on the topic. Also if you ride your bike wide open all day of course it is going to have problems. In the end it is all your discretion on how you should treat your bike.