How to keep writing when you run out of ideas

Most writers enjoy what they do. The feeling of accomplishment is rewarding when you write something worth reading. The more you write the more you want to. After a while, the inevitable happens, you run out of ideas and you feel lost. This is mostly common with writers who have a narrow subject to write about. There is only so much you can write about cooking rice. You can make a pudding; prepare fried rice, boiled rice, and you will eventually have to stop. The same goes for writing about technology. With regards to technology, you will write about updating your gadgets, anti-virus, competing softwares, generic products etc. Once you've been through what most readers want to know, you will then be faced with the question, what next? Most of those who write online are not experts in a particular field. However you will still hit the "empty ideas block". How do you overcome that and keep on churning out those articles? Here are a few things that could help.

Take time off writing. It might sound strange but a break will do you a lot of good. You will come back with fresh ideas.

Vacation: if you can afford the luxury of a vacation to a different country, your experience on vacation will give you something to write about. It might even give your writing a foreign flavor.

Hobby: if you have a hobby, it might be a source of inspiration for your writing. You don' t have to write about your hobby, you may write about events surrounding your past-time. For example, you've done the rounds about cooking rice. If your hobby is painting, you could write an article about abstract painting of a rice dessert you made. What ideas were you trying to convey through your painting and the source of your ideas.

News: watching the news is another great way of finding things to write about. Have you ever noticed that there is always something sad, happy and amusing happening somewhere? You could analyze the events and give it a personal spin. You could give more insight and a new angle to what is going on in the news.

Pets: if you don' t have one, you might want to get a little pet. You will be able to write about taking care of it, parenting, teaching, feeding, cost, anger, regrets etc…

Read: reading will broaden your mind and can trigger ideas. You might want to expand on what you have read. You may write an article stating you disagree and explain why. You may highlight what you like about what you have read and encourage others to do the same. You may just muse about how you wasted a few days of your life reading a worthless novel.

Fiction: writing online article doesn't have to be factual. You could write fictional stories. The limit depends on how far your imagination will stretch. You could just let your mind run wild.

People: interacting with humans can be stimulating and encourage you to write with interesting perspective and more depth.

Diversity: if you diversify what you write about, you will be able to revisit old subjects and add a new understanding or perspective.

Controversy: If you want to put a spark on a boring subject that you wrote a while back, look at the same issue from a controversial point of view. For example, you wrote about residual income and working from home, you could write about the controversial aspect of it. Your title will be something like this: Anyone Working From Home Lacks Courage To Make It In The Real World. You will then develop your articles trying to defend your point of view.

Money: You have heard about the expression "keep your eyes on the money". You don't have to be obsessed about it, but receiving residual income from your articles will help keep the momentum going.