This is a guide on how to be creative and keep your kids happy and learning at the same time if you are a stay at home mom. Tips on how to keep him busy

Things You Will Need

You will need: Scissors, art and craft glue, pencils, retractable crayons, flour, salt, food colouring, corks, buttons, paint, old photo frames, cardboard, glitter, shells if you have some lying around, any old toys like the ones you get in those kinderjoy eggs, your child's hands and feet and round about anything interesting you can find lying around the house that you could stick or paint or find useful...

Step 1

Let's make frames for all the photos you want to treasure..

First you get everything together that you'll need: The shells, buttons, art and craft glue, glitter and your son or daughter.

Now we get the old frame or you can cut a new one from the cardboard that you've got lying around, make sure it's a bright blue or pink depending on whose photo will end up being displayed, if it is your husband or one of the grandparents then ofcourse you can use red or brown, gold or grey..

Tell your son/ daughter to stick shells and buttons on there making sure that they don't get the glue or the buttons in their mouths. Now they can sprinkle some glitter on there and leave it to dry for about an hour or two. They can also stick little cars or flowers, anything really. Be creative.

Put the picture inside and have your child decide where it should be displayed giving them a sense of power and when people come to visit, they can take pride in what they have achieved.

Well done little ones!

Step 2

Now, let's make some stamps!

This is a lot of fun, get the corks that were lying around (you'll need about 12) to give them a variety to choose from. Get the buttons and make sure that each one is different for eg. Big ones, triangular shaped, ones with rough edges or shapes on them like hearts or roses.

Take your art and craft glue and stick one button on the end of each cork.

When they are dry, get out the paint and get the children together and let them stamp away! They can put stamps on letters to father christmas, you can even make one with a stare at the end and every time they've done something worth praising them about, you let them put a star stamp on a chart you've created with cardboard and they will feel good!

Thanks for joining me, Sarel Seemonster in making the day fun. Make playing and creating things a part of each day seeing that this is precious time with your loved ones that you don't want to miss out on. See you next time.

Tips & Warnings

Always be around when you let your kids cut things out.