Girl friends are a big deal and if you have one you will definitely agree with me hands down. So how do you keep them happy anyway? Here are a few tips

Things You Will Need

Lots of patience, money (depending on how spoiled your girlfriend is), listening ability without focusing

Step 1

This is crucial and show how committed you are towards the relationship. So make sure you are on time all the time!

Step 2

This is obvious but don't we forget sometimes and start talking about other girls? Never do it!

Step 3

Girls love secrets and this is a great way to keep them entertained also giving a feeling of closeness

Step 4

Don't restrict gifting only to special occassions. Surprise her with gifts every now and then and make her feel special. For instance send her flowers by post occassionally. Girls love flowers and they will not be very heavy on your pockets.

Step 5

Always be yourself. You need not change your mannerisms for your girls. Girls like guys who know what they are doing and are confident about it even if it ends up wrong

Step 6

There will be moments when you will feel sick of the constant phone calls and of all the small talk. But that's how girls are. They love gossiping so you have no other choice but to listen.
Have fun..

Tips & Warnings