When we enter into a relationship, we all want it to last and to remain intact. But often things can go stale and one or the other can get 'itchy feet' and look elsewhere for fulfillment. But here are 3 ways that you can help prevent this from happening. There is a pre-warning however, all 3 steps require you to put your relationship require an unselfish outlook and to put the relationship ahead of yourself first and foremost, above all other things.

Give your partner what they want in a partner

Talk and listen to your partner on a regular basis and find out what their needs are. Empathize with them and do your best to meet them and fulfill them. A good way of doing this is to maybe find out out what would an ideal partner be like for them or ask what things are they most attracted to in a partner. The chances are that they think about these kind of things, as most of us usually do.

Be open to changing yourself

What do they love about you and what do they not like so much? Find out what you can change about yourself to make you a better person to live with. Be open to change and letting your ego go in order to please your partner. This means letting your ego down a bit and putting the needs of your partner and relationship way ahead of yourself. However, as a result of this exercise, you may end up a better person in the process, as the things they ask you to change may result in a you becoming a better all-round person and more able to change in the future as well.

Never lose sight of the relationship

Always put your partner and your relationship as number one priority in your life and keep it there. When we shift our priorities, this is when relationships start to suffer. However, when we keep our relationship as our top priority, it means that we put other things down the order and put our partner first. When we do this we cannot fail to impress our partner's and keep our relationship going for the long haul, and this can only be a healthy thing if we want to have good solid relationships and enjoy them for the rest of our lives.