The Kiss

Knowing that you want to kiss a girl is easy. You see her, with her curved hips and sleek and sexy physique. You're instantly attracted to her. You first look at her eyes, then you slowly adjust your gaze to her lips. You want to kiss her. But how? 

Kissing a girl is just like riding a bicycle, once you do it a couple times you will never forget how. You may fall off the bike by having a girl tell you that she only wants to be friends or maybe even you kiss her but the look on her face was that of surprise and you know you blew it. The critical component of kissing a girl is easy, it's attraction. If she likes you and feels attraction for you, then there is an easy step by step process to get that first kiss. 

The first step is to get the girl, (that already feels attraction for you), alone so it's just you and her. Now this could be in a seated area of a club or bar or even on the dance floor. As long as her friend and your friends aren't there and it's just you two, you're golden. Just to mention it, you never want to have your first kiss in your bedroom. That's a big no no. You can give her a tour of your place before the first date but never lead a girl into your bedroom with the intention of kissing her for the first time. 

Step two. Okay, so you're alone with your girl and you're both in your own little atmosphere. While conversing with her you need to maintain prolonged eye contact. Normally, you'll look at a person here and there, with your eyes diverting attention to them about half the time. While talking and especially listening, make sure your eyes and hers are connected. If she is returning your eye contact with her eye contact and a smile then you are a lucky man my friend.

Step three. Hopefully you've been touching her thus far. It's critical for the kiss. If you haven't even touched the girl yet, then going from nothing to a kiss won't work. Remember, it's a process. So, you need to incorporate some hugs, high fives, booty bumping, holding, whatever it is that is playful and fun that involves both of you two touching. So after talking and looking into her eyes you need to close down the space between you two and rest your hands on her back/hips.

Step four. Alright this is it. This is THE moment you've been waiting for. There should be a break in the conversation, you're very lightly holding her, and with eye contact slowly close the distance between you two. This distance should be very small if you did it right and are holding her close to you. If she's attracted she'll meet you in the middle and wala! Your first kiss. If anyone has any questions or is unclear by how to get that first kiss feel free to contact me through my profile. Thanks!