Do you find yourself wondering if a friend is a real or true friend? Do you question strange behavior? Wondering if your friends are good friends is the first step in identifying if you have a problem. Nothing is worse than a friend that is just using you for one reason or another. Carefully go through each step and deicde if your friend is worth keeping or if it is time to let them go.

Things You Will Need

a friend in question

a calm moment to think about all these steps.

Step 1

Real friendship is easy.

Friends should fit like comfortable shoes.Don't work hard at friendships that just aren't working.

Step 2

Is your friend there if you need them?

Real friends are supportive.

Step 3

Does your friend listen to you?

Real friends listen to you and know a lot about you. They do this because they care. Friends that talk over top of you or that talk at you are not real friends. The relationship should go back and forth, each listening to each other.

Step 4

Real friends don't pick fights.

They will discuss a problem and try to come up with a solution. If the topic is touchy agreeing to disagree is the best path. Someone who just wants to fight so they can be right is not a good friend.

Step 5

A real friend is real.

They don't pretend to be something they are not. Someone who makes up different things to fit in with different people is no more than a liar. They also don't like everything you like or expect you to like the same things.

Step 6

A real friend would never make you feel bad intentionally.

Someone who hurts your feelings and makes you cry is not worth your time.

Step 7

A real friend is not critical.

Supportive advice is one thing criticism is another.

Step 8

A real friend would never take advantage.

They would never mistake kindness for weakness. Someone that makes you feel used is not worth it at all.

Step 9

A real friend tells the truth.

Why lie if your really friends.

Step 10

A real friend says their sorry and means it!

There is nothing worse than an ignored need for being sorry. A real friend would never want to hurt you.

After looking at all these steps is your friend worth keeping? Even one of these is enough to get rid of a friend. Having fewer real friends is much better than having a lot of untrue friends. Make your decisions carefully and clean up your group.

Tips & Warnings

Moving on isn't easy but sometimes necessary.

You don't have to be mean when moving on from a untrue friend. Just put some space between you. Less and less contact can be a good way to go.

Don't be upset with yourself if a relationship ends in a fight. Just know when to walk away.

Don't waste time on a friend that isn't worth your time.