Hidden secrets of LinkedIn

Tips and tricks for the job hunter

LinkedIn is the most popular professional network in the world.  When you're looking for a job it's by no means a panacea, but using it smartly will greatly improve your chances of landing of job.

What should you keep in mind? 




I. Keep your profile up to date and positive.

Always make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and fully up-to-date.  Your current job title should never mention that you are unemployed.  Mention your former job title instead and add "looking for a new opportunity".  That's way more positive.


II. Be specific

Recruiters tend to search for specific terms within a LinkedIn profile. Therefore it's hugely important to use job specific terms that make your profile more unique.  Are you a digital marketing expert? Then your profile should contain SEO or SEA.  Are you a technical designer? Mention all the software tools you're using like AutoCad360 or Autodesk 3Ds Max.


III.  Don't forget your profile picture

A picture is worth a 1000 words. That popular saying is certainly true for LinkedIn.  Research has shown that profiles with a decent picture are way more popular.  Don't forget that LinkedIn is a business network.  It goes without saying that holiday pictures don't belong here. 


IV. Get endorsed

Ask your friends, relatives and former colleagues on LinkedIn to endorse your skills. Also ask for written recommendations which they can add to your profile.


V. Don't be shy

Did you get your master's degree "cum laude"?  Mention that.  Don't be shy, you're trying to land a job, remember?  Don't exaggerate however and certainly don't lie.  That will backfire during a job interview.    


VI. Optimize your settings 

On the right hand corner of your profile, you'll find "accounts and settings."  Now review your "privacy and settings".  In the section "privacy controls" you're able to hide the infamous  "Viewers of this profile also viewed" box.   If you don't do so, recruiters will see profiles similar to yours.  As a job seeker you certainly don't want to promote competition.  


VII. Share your knowledge

Make sure you benefit from the golden triangle of networking: offering, asking,  thanking. Become a member of LinkedIn groups where you can demonstrate your knowledge by getting involved in member discussions and responding to questions.  This way others will be more willing to help you out and you'll receive useful endorsements. as well.  Never forget to thank helpful people regardless of the result.     


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