Wear more than one condom. Most people only wear one condom when having sex, but having more than one on can actually cut circulation just enough to take away the feeling you get while having sex. Two should be enough but some people find that three is the magic number so it all depends on your personal preferences. Not only does this help you be extra safe during sexual activities, but it will also help you last longer in bed.

Desensitizing cream. A type of lubricant used during sex allows for the male to take away the sensation and better control his manhood. You can buy this stuff online and it comes in discrete packaging or you can buy it from erotic stores. This stuff tends to be a little on the expensive side but considered well worth it.

Drink wine before sex. Everyone knows how much wine helps the heart but very few people realize that nerves are the main cause of premature ejaculation. If you drink a few glasses of wine in anticipation of the “big event,” you will find out what a difference a few drinks can make. You will be calmer and more able to control yourself.

Take your time. Don’t start out by jumping “right into the pool” but instead take your time and massage all the right places. This helps the woman get plenty of stimulation without you even having to worry yet. If the woman is already stimulated, you will feel less pressure to last longer because you will know that she’s already had a bit of pleasure.

Free your mind. Instead of trying to play tricks on your mind and imagine that the girl is ugly or something ridiculous, you should instead try to free your mind from everything and envision a white blank background with nothing or no one but you standing there. This will prove more use then trying to lie to yourself and tell yourself it doesn’t feel good.