Do not reinvent the wheel and follow a well set pattern. 

Golden MBA graduation set

Before, when I started writing articles I was typing my thoughts. Some articles turned out good, some not so much. Structurally it was a mess. When I realized that, I asked people around me for help. A few MBA graduates from Chicago Booth took on the challenge. I talked to them for some time and noted down their thought and ideas. In the end, when I merged all of the information I got from them,  I identified the same pattern in all of the advices and ideas. And it made perfect sense. All I needed to do was to follow four simple rules and revolve everything around them. 

Let us jump right in. To structure an article and to ensure that the reader of that article receives the message, follow these steps :

1. Answer the question.

Most things you will express are answers to a question, in one form or another. The first thing you want to do, is answer the question as fast as possible. That is what the person on the other end is looking for. The faster you satisfy that need, the faster you can move on to the next point. Also please remember to not just shoot it out. Make it a nice statement. 

2. Personalize.

Find a story from your life that you can relate to the question or topic at hand. Tell the story, and let the reader know how it helped you. Most of the people can read and retell statistical data. Make it personal.

3. Solidify your point of view

Support you answer with a few bullet points. The bullet points can be either ideas or statistical data. The later is preferred as it is gives more credibility. Try not to have more than three. If you have more, select the best three or four. If you have less than three, it is ok.

4. Summarize

Repeat the answer. Say in short why that particular answer helped you. Be concise, lucid and memorable.

Do not reinvent something that is already tested by millions. Keep it short. Follow the tips in this article and it will change your way of thinking and writing. Keep practicing and you will rewire you brain to write in this manner. I have, and I can see the result. My articles get referenced twice as much now comparing to the ones I used to write before.

I wish you happy writing.

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