Forget buying songs off of itunes, I am going to show you how to listen to music for free. Also, show you how to get songs on your itunes. This is for mac users, I'm not sure if this will work for PC users. I have a mac, but PC users, I'll give you tips on how to at least get music off of youtube for free though. It will cost money to download getting them to your ipod, but you'll then never have to pay for the actual songs. Just follow these tips, they're quite easy, fast, and you'll be enjoying your favorite songs in no time.

Things You Will Need

itunes mac computer youtube

Step 1

Strictly for Mac users. Download MacTubes. Google MacTubes and download it. It's pretty easy. Once you get it downloaded, I'll show you how to get youtube videos up on it.

Step 2

Go to youtube. Copy and paste the link of the song you want. For instance, Highlight that if it's the song you want, go and edit on the top of your computer, in the right hand corner. Click copy.

Step 3

Go back to your MacTubes. Go to file on the top of your computer, in the macTubes format. Click on Open Video. Then a small window will pop up, then paste your URL link under enter video ID or URL. Then click Ok. Now you gotten the actual video off youtube. Next, is transforming into a MP4. On the far left corner, on the bottom of the video. Click on the asterisk. Then go to download, click on MP4.

Step 4

For PC users (Mac users can use this too). Try as another option. Go to Then copy and paste the URL from youtube. Paste it, then below scroll to MP4 for iPod. Then click start. It should take a few minutes maybe. Then a file will pop up, where you can play the video downloaded off youtube. I've not been able to get the audio to work recently, so I've had problems with this. It has worked for me in the past, but tried it yesterday and it didn't. If it's not working for you, copy and paste this site.
This worked for me.

Step 5

Getting it on to Itunes. Once you have the file, drag it into your itunes folder. Go to the movie section(which is where it will probably be) and click on the file. The audio should play and now you got it on your itunes for free. Enjoy! Array

Tips & Warnings