And live in tropical paradise

Most people who visit Bali for a holiday, end up falling in love with the tropical island and many even want to move and live in Bali on a permanent basis. There is so much to do in Bali both from an activities perspective and a cultural one. Bali is also an idealic place for people to move to who are fed up with the stress and complexities of a western lifestyle.

Bali has a low cost of living, but most people will still need to earn an income. Many people in Indonesia live below the poverty line and unemployment is high. It is not surprising that the Indonesian government makes it difficult for foreigners to work.

Tourism is one of the main industries in Bali, so tourism related businesses are the most popular for foreigners to become involved in. Restaurants, bars and hotels are just some potential businesses. Bali is a popular place for westerners to get married in, so wedding related businesses, such as wedding planners and catering services are in demand.

Visa costs are not cheap in Bali, especially if you want to work. The government imposes large fines and possible jail sentences for foreigners who get caught working on a tourist visa. It is very important to get the right visa for what you want to do. To save the hassle of dealing with Indonesian bureaucracy, it is a good idea to use a reputable visa agent or consultancy who can take care of all of the paperwork.

For people aged over 55 years of age and are already retired, it is possible to get a retirement visa to stay in Bali. You will need to have a pension or outside form of income. You will also need to get medical insurance and employ at least one maid. Fortunately the salary for maids, gardeners and drivers is around $100 a month for each employee. Many foreigners employ cleaners, gardeners, drivers and cooks, so they never have to worry about having to do any household chores. The local Balinese will be happy for helping to provide them with much needed jobs and income.  If you are interested more about retiring in Bali, you might be interested in the book I wrote on the subject.

While living in Bali can be different from just staying for a holiday, you will rewarded by being able to lead a simple lifestyle, without the pressures and stress of a westerner lifestyle, rich in culture and mysticism.