Bangkok. Thailand.

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All prices will be in USD so to be clear currently (11 March 2011):
100 US$ = 3 037 Thai baht
Bangkok. One of the more, if not the most expensive city in a relatively cheap Thailand.
Can Bangkok be cheap? As befits a metropolis, it can be expensive for sure. Condo (one-bedroom apartment) in the town center will cost a minimum of 500-700$. The farther is cheaper. You can rent something on the outskirts of the city (300-400$) and rent the scooter (from 4-5$ for whole day).
Western brands (clothing), a little more expensive than in Europe, a lot more expensive than US. The same applies to electronics, so you better come with your own notebook, cam etc. However in Bangkok you can eat a lot cheaper, since this is a major source of cost savings. For 1-2$ you can get a meal at the street. Little more if u want to eat at restaurants. Even cheaper if you will cook yourself, buying supplies at the nearest market.
In larger cities, Thai people has no problems with communicating, most young people speak English, and more and more adults understand at least basics these days. The problem for someone who has never been in the tropics may be the temperature, especially in the rainy season, when humidity is very high all the time(July-October). It is therefore important to look for condo equipped with air conditioning, which in Thailand almost a standard. 
The driving license will not be the problem. Even if you don't have it, about 10$ will be more than enough for a bribe. Bribery is probably widespread throughout whole Asia. 
The problem may be the need to renew a tourist visa once in a while. When it'll expire, we need to get to the nearest border, cross it and pay for another visa (depending on the type, about 100$ for two months visa). After that we can return to Thailand . For longer stay you can get student visa. Its popular trick for some people who wants to live in Bangkok for a longer period of time. 
Bangkok is ideal for seekers of sensation and various sorts of entertainment. Weight bars, events, clubs, lots of beautiful Thai women (we like their exotic beauty and they find us exotic ) always smiling, positive attitude to everything.
Everyone is smiling in Thailand at every step, it's their national wealth.
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