Many people visit a place for their holidays and then dream of quitting their jobs and moving to that place. Many such places though have limited work opportunities, so unless you have enough money to retire to that place, most people can only dream about it. I am thinking of places like Phuket or Bali. I am sure other people will have their favorite place in Europe or South America.

A number of countries offer retirement visas and some people see some good advantages of retiring in Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand or the Philippines, particularly with the lower cost of living and health care in those countries.

I was thinking this morning how popular some expat websites are that are based on a single popular destination, mostly blogs and forums. Most are hobby type sites, but I think there are good opportunities to turn such a website into a profitable business.

First you would need establish yourself as an expert of that particular location. If you are already a fan of that place you probably have hundreds of photos to use and you probably already know quite a bit about that location to start writing some articles.
Bali ricefields
Register a suitable domain, with at least one of the keywords the destination of the place you want to cover. I would start a blog, which is probably the easiest way to get your new venture off the ground. Get your site indexed and start building links to your site.

Write articles on the best places to visit, stay and information on visas how to find accommodation for long term stays etc. People are usually interested in things like banking, health facilities, insurance, housing, buying property, bringing their pets and education for the children.

Create accounts on all of the social networking sites and start connecting with people who are interested in the particular destination. Link up with other bloggers. Don't rush to put advertising on your new site.

People who are interested in that destination will become readers of your blog, particularly if you can provide a first hand account a what is happening in the location on a daily basis. If you make contact with local tour and travel related businesses in the destination, you should be able to get some local companies to advertise on your website.

You could also make money from selling travel insurance, providing online hotel bookings, air tickets and moving companies.

Once your site because established, you can add a forum for people to discuss moving to and living in the destination. A forum will help provide new content to your website and help traffic to grow.

Another potential source of revenue is writing an ebook on the practicalities of moving to and living in that destination.

I have recently moved to Bali and working on my own expat website for people interested in the island. While it's not making me a lot of money yet, my goal is that eventually I will be able to live off the advertising from the website.