Are you tired of having a double chin, or a turkey neck? You can lose a double chin without surgery. Despite what cosmetologist or any other doctor will tell you. Double chin surgery is not only expensive, but risky as well. You don't want to risk the chances of tissue scarring. There are naturally ways to get rid of a double chin. Double reduction can be done at the comfort of your home and for very little money, if any at all.

If you're overweight, then simply getting into better shape can help you lose a double chin fast. As you continue to put on weight, you don't always get to choose where the weight goes. Excess fats tend to go to your neck and face area. If its not a weight problem, then take a look at your relatives. If your mom, dad, brothers or sisters have a double chin, then a good chance its just genetic. Losing a double chin can be done with double chin exercises.

First double chin exercise

Tilt your head back, while sitting on a chair. Look at the ceiling. Close your lips tightly and make a chewing motion. Don't open your mouth when doing so. You should do this 100 times, each day. You'll start to feel the muscles tighten around your chin and neck.

Second double chin exercise

Sitting down on your chair, or couch, close your lips. Try to move your jaw in a upward direction. Don't use your hand, use the muscles in your neck. Do this daily, so the muscles in your neck can get some exercise. If you exercise the neck, and chin, you'll start to get a firmer look.

Third double chin exercise

Stretch your chin. Another easy exercise in opening your mouth. Stretch your chin, and jaw as far as possible from your mouth. Hold it there for about a minute, if you can. You'll feel the resistance right away. Try this daily.

Fourth double chin exercise

Take your tongue, and try to touch the tip of your nose. Do this about 50-100 times a day. In about a month or so, you should notice a difference doing these double chin exercises. These exercises should make a difference.

What to eat

Dieting is still important for maintaining a proper chin. Your chin and neck is just another place to store fats. Removing a double chin will require you to watch your intake of sodium and salt in your diet.

Home remedies to use for losing a double chin

Creams really don't work. Losing a double chin is similar to losing weight. Exercise and eating proper foods are important. However, a home remedy that can help temporarily is egg whites. Strictly using egg whites will tighten skin pores right away. Leave the egg white on your entire face, and neck for about 15 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

You can also try products like the velform chin wrap, or the necklin slimmer. I'd recommend buying these products on ebay or amazon. A lot of sites can claim they have the products, when they really don't. Losing a double chin naturally takes time. So be patience and you should see results soon enough.